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We understand that everyone learns differently, therefore we designed a few pre-licensing real estate courses with various learning styles in mind.

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Why choose to become a real estate agent in California?

Our real estate class offers a dynamic and intriguing career opportunity that requires an understanding of money, people, administration, marketing, public policy, and sales. You will be ready to start your job after passing the state test with flying colors. Our real estate programs will also aid you in getting placed at any reputed firm. In a real estate career, the annual income is around $62,010. This is only a starting point; once you're in the game, you may advance through the ranks to gain even more and lead the lifestyle you've always desired.


Grow with our real estate class

We will help you to be confident enough to undertake any real estate job career. A real estate profession you can take your career to next level.


Become a real estate agent

Nothing beats the freedom of becoming your own boss. You will have complete control over your finances and the flexibility to work as you see fit.


High-intensity real estate career

Being a real estate agent keeps you alert. If you're willing to put in the work, the real estate industry's hustle and passion will keep you motivated.


Make connections

Being friendly and networking are crucial aspects of becoming a real estate agent. Individuals who enjoy communication will thrive in this career.

Real Estate Principles

Our Real Estate Certificate Program for your career goals

Dream Force Academy provides the finest quality education and training, from the best real estate courses to continuing education. All of our offline courses are self-paced. Our instructors practicing and experienced industry professionals are available by phone or email.

Location - Cerritos, California
Courses Offered - Real Estate Principles Course, Real Estate Finance Course, Real Estate Practice and One-day Crash Course
Our Real Estate Certificate program - We offer a One-Day, In-person real estate education that can get you all the knowledge you will need to pass your Real Estate Exam.

What else From Dream Force’s real estate class?

In parallel to extremely valuable crash course sessions, we also provide license renewal services, which may help the procedure of renewing your real estate license go more smoothly.

Requirements for California real estate classes (State of California)

Anyone over 18 who wishes to become a real estate agent in California must complete a 40-hour real estate certification program under the guidance of a competent and registered trainer.
In order to repeat the final exam in the state of california, if a student doesn't receive a passing score of 60%, they must study the course content for a minimum of 18 days and should reappear for the examination.
ln accordance with the California Department of Real Estate's rules. The candidate must learn, comprehend, and research the material for a minimum of 18 days before completing the final exams.

What makes us the best real estate license course in California?

The Dream Force Academy provides daytime, evening, or Saturday classes in the Cerritos office.

We have taught hundreds of students in real estate broker classes who ultimately launched their individual real estate companies in California or became aspirant real estate agents.

Real estate experts with years of expertise serve as our real estate license course instructors.

We guarantee you'll discover all that you need from the Dream Force Academy for becoming a real estate agent in California

Our success rate is 98.7% making us dominate the California offline real estate courses.

Real Estate Courses
Real Estate Courses
Real Estate Courses
John Gomez
“Teaching in Dream Force Academy has been an amazing experience”
John Gomez
Investor, Real Estate

Meet our expert real estate training program instructor

John Gomez began working with David Wick as an assistant real estate trainer in 1996. After years of training became a full-time real estate programs instructor with a high state exam passing rate. He has created a special, individualized learning approach that emphasizes knowledge retention over a lengthy period of time rather than memorization of questions and answers. He conducts his real estate license course live. He masters the auditory method of real estate education. He shows the trainees that listening and discussion are the greatest ways to learn.

John is a great dad to his daughter who keeps him occupied with her volleyball practices. He never misses his daughter’s volleyball practice sessions and games.

At a very young age learned how to invest in real estate and since he has a passion to lead real estate training program he started sharing his knowledge and experience in real estate investing.

If you want to earn your California real estate license, our real estate courses California can help you complete your pre-licensing educational requirements online and at your own speed. Our courses have been certified by California's real estate licensing authorities and are designed to get your profession off to a good start. Enroll right away!


Real Estate Courses
John's class was excellent. John has a wealth of knowledge and presents facts in the simplest formats. Even after class, he allowed us to stay around to ask any questions, clear doubts, and gain knowledge. Absolutely good!
Real Estate Courses
I'm happy to announce that I successfully passed both my national and state exams. Thank you for offering a fantastic education and for meeting with me and speaking with me at first; your genuine interest made a huge impact

Reference Books

California Real Estate Principles
Real Estate Finance and Loan Brokering
California Real Estate Practice

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the average time it takes to become a real estate agent?

While each state has its unique standards for obtaining a real estate license, prelicensing coursework is the most time-consuming. The duration of necessary education hours varies by state. A residential license in California needs 150 hours of prelicensing coursework. Online or home-study courses may take less time depending on how much time you have available.

Is it necessary to renew my real estate license?

Each state has its own standards for keeping your certifications current. Real estate licenses in California must be renewed every four years, beginning with the date on the license.

What are the benefits of enrolling in Dream Force Academy?

The Dream Force Academy offers a wide range of programs at reasonable prices, and the trainers are experienced industry experts with comprehensive knowledge.

How much money can I make as a real estate agent?

Generally, real estate agents earn a commission and not a fixed salary, hence the income depends purely on the amount of work that you do.

What exactly is the distinction between a real estate agent and a Realtor?

A real estate agent is someone who has obtained a real estate license. A realtor is a real estate professional who has agreed to follow the Code of Ethics by joining the National Association of Realtors. They are involved in local, state, and national organizations.